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Financing Options

Tiny Home Financing

- For Canadian Customers -

Buying a tiny home has never been easier. With financing options available, your tiny home dream could become a reality, quicker than you think. Whether your goal is to pay it down quickly, or to be able to live affordably, the options are available to make your dream a reality. Flexible terms, affordable interest rates and a simple application process makes all the difference when looking into tiny home options. 

We have multiple options to find the best financing for your needs. We have teamed up with a local RV dealer to provide standard RV financing for our customers, giving you confidence in your application and lending process. We also have a tiny home finance broker that can provide options for financing through the large banks with a standardized RV loan. 


  • Competitive interest rates on approved credit

  • Flexible terms

  • No payout penalty if you decide to pay off your home sooner

  • Standardized, simple RV lending

  • Flexible down payment options

 to start planning your dream home today!