The Team

Oliver  & Cera


The Founders and Creators of Summit Tiny Homes


With 10 years of construction, design, and mechanical experience we bring an undefined and unique approach to tiny home building. Cera's beautiful designs and innovative layouts combined with Oliver's ability to execute a stunning build, making Summit, the Okanagan's premier Tiny Home Builder. What makes us unique builders, is that we lived in a tiny house for just over 4 years. This experience has made us relatable to our clients by giving us a deeper understanding of living tiny. This helps us create the best designs possible for our customers wants and needs.   

Our Story

Our story is quite simple and is all too familiar for some. We started our lives just like most young people, racing to get ahead to begin our life. We found ourselves slowly becoming caught in the "rat race" of society. The concept

of owning things, slowly turned into things owning us and it became all too real, we needed a release. We found ourselves

working too many hours and losing touch of the things that were important to us. Our passion for adventure slowly turned into a need to work long hours. Our weekends went from climbing, hiking and mountain biking, to over exhaustion and lack of sleep. The tiny home concept caught our attention, although it took alot of thought and foresight, we were hooked. 

Lets get started on designing your dream tiny home today! All our designs are custom tailored to exceed your needs, wants and dreams, so stop dreaming and start living the tiny life.
Lets Go
Today is the day! The process is simple. Let us do the hard work, all you need to do is sit back, and enjoy the journey. Contact us to schedule a consultation on building the home of your dreams.
Each of our Tiny Homes comes delivered to your door step. Across town or across the province. We want your journey into tiny living to be simple, enjoyable and stress free. Let us bring home...your home!
Custom design, elegant finishes and quality workmanship goes into all of our builds. Every inch matters so check out our designs to see how our tiny homes can give you everything you want and need.