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Fill out our customized estimate creator on our MODELS or CUSTOM page, to get a price range for your dream tiny home.


To ensure a spot on our production schedule, pay a build spot deposit and lock in your timeline today!


Our design team will work directly with you to bring your dream to life.


This payment gets your build to the lock up stage (framing, sheathing, windows and door). If you require financing, we have teamed up with a financing company to offer tiny home financing options. Click HERE 


This payment gets the building process finished. This includes all the finishes, fixtures, appliances and everything required to get your tiny home complete.


Once the building process is complete and you are happy with the finished product we collect your final payment. Once the final payment is cleared we hand over the keys for you to enjoy!


Across town or across the country, we can organize getting your home delivered to you, or hire your own service to move your investment. 



Langley, Canada 


Vernon, Canada 

"I am happy to say that working with Summit has been a wonderful journey. They are lovely people, and their experience, knowledge and patience make them super to work with. Knowing they are just a phone call away really helps. All of my friends love the tiny house and can't get over the quality of every part of it"

"Summit Tiny Homes has been wonderfully flexible and accommodating in helping me create my own custom tiny home. They were patient and knowledgeable about my inexperience and helped me to understand what it was I wanted and how best to attain it. I appreciated your willingness to work within my budget and the down-to-earth gentleness with which you aligned my expectations with reality. Thank you guys so much for taking on my project. I feel like you have made a long-time dream a beautiful reality!"


Terrace, Canada 

"I’ve tried writing words of praise for the team at Summit Tiny Homes several times, but have struggled to capture just how wonderful my experience was working with this company. Sitting in my cozy ‘Tiny Cabana,’ I have moments of awe and adoration for the way my vision was captured in this incredible space. They’re an easy company to support being young, dynamic and partially female-owned/operated (something that was important to me as a woman in business). With a healthy balance of allowing the client to dream while also being realistic and mindful of budgets, I had complete trust in my process with Summit Tiny Homes and would recommend them to anyone and everyone"


Victoria, Canada 

 ''Summit Tiny Homes took my vision and created a home for me that is beautiful beyond words! They engaged fully with me from the start and explained everything along the way- they took the time I needed to get what I wanted. I trusted them entirely with my build because I learned early on that they put pride in their work, as do all of their employees. I would recommend Summit Tiny Homes to everyone - thank you for your creativity and ingenuity!'' 


Victoria, Canada 


Vernon, Canada 

''From start to finish, Summit worked with me, taking my notes, photos, and weird Powerpoint drawings from idea to reality. Along the way, challenges became opportunities for new ideas and extra design touches that made my home unique and made me feel valued as a client. My home is beautiful. I couldn't be happier with it. I highly recommend Summit Tiny Homes to anyone who appreciates quality work and personalized service''

''I worked with Summit Tiny Homes to build my dream tiny cottage, and they DID NOT DISAPPOINT!! To say they brought my dream to reality is an understatement. Their attention to detail, thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship is next to none. Summit was easy to work with. They took the time to walk through the building process with me at every stage to ensure the finished product was what I had envisioned. Actually, the finished product is even MORE beautiful than I had envisioned! Jaws drop when visitors come to check out my tiny cottage. People are blown away by all of the beautiful details. Thank you Summit for building amazing tiny houses that fulfil big dreams!''


Kelowna, Canada 

''When we decided to build our own tiny house we had no idea it would be such an enormous undertaking. After feeling like we had gotten in over our head, we decided to reach out to Summit to help us get our heads back above water and make the dream a reality. From day one, they were excited and eager to work with us. From layout and design, to which materials and appliances would best suit our needs, to best construction practices they were available to answer our questions and keep us on track. With their guidance and our hard work, we got the job done and the end product is everything we hoped it would be. We can’t recommend the team at Summit enough! Thank you for all your help, we truly couldn’t have done it without your support''


Oliver, Canada 


Oregon, US 

''It was truly a pleasure collaborating with Summit Tiny Homes. I already knew that I wanted their Heritage model since it reminded me so much of an older traditional home, but I also wanted to put my own twist on things. They helped make my home a wee bit quirky (just like me). They put thought into the little details, such as using some leftover tile from my beautiful walk-in shower for the kitchen’s backsplash, helping to tie everything together. They guided me through the entire process, from design to set up, and always had sound advice for my build. I cannot thank them enough for helping to bring my tiny living dreams to life.

''I placed my order for the model Cabana 2 in late Aug 2019 and my home was delivered to Oregon on Dec. 20th. What a Christmas present! I love my Summit Tiny Home. They put high-quality products and thoughtful design into the creation of my house. Just to name a few of the qualities I love, the high-grade plywood inside the self-closing drawers, my beautifully finished concrete countertops and the big farm sink. The windows are high quality and button down my house in the blustery wind off the Oregon Coast. Although I ordered a model I was offered choices in almost every detail which was nice. Although I chose Summit Tiny Home from the website, I found Cera and Oliver to be people of their word, conscientious in the building of their product, design sensibilities and customer relations. I highly recommend Summit tiny home and am very satisfied with the value and quality of my home''

"How much does a tiny homes cost?"

There are three ways to get an estimate:

1. Model Build: Go to the Models tab on our website and fill out an estimate form for one of the models.


2. Custom Calculator: Go to our custom build page and fill out our estimate calculator, once you are done, it will give you a price at the bottom. 


3. Custom Build Estimate: If you are ready to take the next step and get an in depth estimate for a custom build, go to the bottom of the custom build page. There you will find more info on how to get that process started! 


"Are your homes certified".

All of our homes are certified to the CSA Z240 RV certification and go through a stringent safety and quality control program here in our manufacturing facility. 

Each of our homes also comes with a Transport Canada certification that allows for safe/ legal transport on Canadian and US roads and highways.


We are in the process of obtaining an additional RVIA certification for added inspections and safety controls. 

"Do you build homes wider then 8.5ft." 

Currently we only build homes up to 8.5ft. to ensure we fall under the CSA z240 RV standard. Homes over 8.5ft. are classified as "park models" and require a different type of certification, insurance and transport permits.

"Do you ship across Canada and the US?"

Yes we can! We work directly with professional transporter and importer to ensure your home arrives safely and complies with all federal transport and import requirements.

"Can I park my tiny home anywhere?"

 Most tiny homes on wheels get put under the classification of a recreational vehicle so in some communities they are treated as such. The best answer to this question will be found at your local municipal office and certain zoning requirements may need to be met (especially in densely populated communities) .


Summit Staff Photos-149 (1).jpg
Summit Tiny Homes - The Hummingbird

"Are your homes built for cold climates?"

Most of our tiny homes are specially designed for four season use. Paired with the right insulation package and a custom skirting option, we can ensure your home will be functional and tempered for most climates. Keeping you toasty warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

"Do you offer metal framing?".

We currently only use wood for framing in our construction process. Although there are some weight saving benefits with steel studs, the cold temperatures in Canada can lead to moisture issues and thermal bridging problems with steel stud construction. 

"How long does the process take?"

Although the building process itself is fairly quick, there is a lot of pre-planning, design and logistics to sort out before we start construction. The entire process can take up to 6 months to complete but depending our schedule, can be up to a year if our schedule is full. Keep in mind we often have a waiting list to start construction, so it is best to get planning and start the process as soon as you are ready! 

"Do you offer slide-outs or room extensions?"

We do not offer slide-outs or room extensions on any of our tiny homes. There are factors around thermal transfer and weather sealing that we feel is compromised with any slide-outs or room extensions, so at this time, they are not an option for our homes. 

"Do you have any homes ready for sale?

Unfortunately, with our busy schedule, we do not have any homes for sale and ready to go at this time. We do have homes at some RV dealerships in BC that may have inventory available. You can reach out to us for more information on these dealers. 

"When is the soonest I can get a home?"

Our build schedule is usually booked around a year from the time you pay your build spot deposit, to the time you get home. So lets gets planning today!


Summit is one of North America's premier tiny home builders, located in heart of British Columbia, Canada. Our vision was born on the prospect of sustainability, freedom and versatility. We strive to offer the highest level of quality in our homes, with stringent safety standards to our customers throughout Canada and the United States. With an emphasis on quality, detail and design, each of our tiny homes is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and functionality. Our tiny homes are handcrafted in Vernon, British Columbia, with the ability to ship to you.

Summit Tiny Homes - Vernon BC, Canada - Tiny House Builder


DIY Tiny House Plans and Blueprints


We offer a full range of pre-designed DIY tiny house plans from some of our most popular Summit models. Get started building your own Summit tiny home today!

Summit Staff Photos-103 (1).jpg


We offer a full interior and exterior design services. From tiny homes to renovations, staging and remodelling. Let our design team bring your project to the next level. 

Tiny Home Trailers


For our DIY customers, we sell our custom designed tiny house trailers, direct from our manufacturer. Pair one of our trailers with our pre designed DIY tiny home plans and get building!

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