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The Athos Tiny House by Summit Tiny Homes



Mountains with fog


Summit is one of North America's premier tiny home builders, located in the heart of British Columbia, Canada. Our vision was born on the prospect of sustainability, freedom and versatility. We strive to offer the highest level of quality in our homes, with carefully crafted designs, meticulously planned layouts and stringent safety standards delivered to our customers throughout Canada and the United States. With an emphasis on quality, luxury and design, each of our tiny homes is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and functionality. Our tiny homes are handcrafted in Vernon, British Columbia, with the ability to ship to you.

The Escape by Summit Tiny Homes


We have curated a process that brings life to your tiny home vision. Through a methodical and carefully curated design approach and a team of tiny home specialists, we can build you the most unique and captivating tiny house, while ensuring you are with us every step of the way. 

The Bohemian by Summit Tiny Homes
Green forest mountains
The Bohemian by Summit Tiny Homes


''Summit Tiny Homes took my vision and created a home for me that is beautiful beyond words." - Denise (Victoria BC)
The Hummingbird by Summit Tiny Homes
The Sitka Living Room - By Summit Tiny Homes


"When is the soonest I can get a Summit tiny home?"
Our build schedule fluctuates between 4 - 6 months from the time you submit your build spot deposit. It is best to get on our build production schedule as soon as you are ready. We are here and ready to help you with your tiny home journey!
Image by Tyler Lastovich


We are crafters, carpenters, technicians, designers and leaders. We could not build the best without striving to be the best. Each and every one of our employees was hand picked to bring a specific talent, trade or skillset to the team and they are the best of the best! We are a team and we are proud to be, Summit Tiny Homes.

Summit Tiny Homes Employees


The Bohemian by Summit Tiny Homes


An eclectic yet elegant aesthetic, with a spacious layout that will have you questioning if you are in fact in a tiny home!

The Hummingbird Tiny Home by Summit Tiny Homes


A modern design with a rustic allure, making this tiny home the perfect space to feel right at home.

The Sitka Tiny Home by Summit Tiny Homes


Clean, modern and simplistic design, complimented with towering windows and stunning features.

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