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Our tried and true tiny home designs. Inspired by the forests, the mountains and the earth. Praised for their spot on the top of the peak of tiny house design. Hand picked from our original Summit designs and featured in a package that brings you unsurpassed value, flawless designs and a semi-customizable design aesthetic. Browse our signature series tiny home models to get the perfect balance of aesthetic, design and value, with the ability to customize your colour scheme, finishes and options

A modern design with a west coast feel. Towering windows and wood textures present a calming and luxurious feel.  

THE SITKA (28'):

28' x 8.5' - 250sq.ft


$190,699 CAD / $145,499 USD *Estimated


34' x 8.5' - 290sq.ft


$207,949 CAD / $155,499 USD *Estimated

Rustic meets modern. This design is designed to fit into nature. Inspired by the forests and the elements this home will leave you feeling grounded and centred


Sleeps 5


34ft. x 8.5ft.


$198,999 CAD / $149,999 USD *Estimated 

A tiny home that brings a mix of eclectic style and a boho feel. This is our most spacious feeling kitchen and living space. The unique elements and spacious design will make you feel right at home.


Sleeps 6-8

330 sq.ft

34ft. x 8.5ft.


$224,599 CAD / 169,499 USD *Estimated 

Foggy mountain range


The Ourea; the nine ancient Greek gods of the mountains. They are Aitna, Athos, Helikon, Kithairon, Nysos, Olympus, Oreios, Parnes, and Tmolus. Inspired by these great peaks, this series of tiny homes are the pinnacle of luxury, excellence and design.


Towering windows mixed with an open and spacious layout make this space feel open and bright. With luxurious finishes and materials, this home holds nothing back. The Athos tiny home is the first in our Ourea luxury line of tiny homes and it is truly one of a kind.

Sleeps 5

300 sq.ft

34ft. x 8.5ft.


$199,999.00 CAD / $159,999 USD


Inspired by the forests and modelled after the mountains. The Helikon has a towering aesthetic and a presence that stands above the rest. 

Sleeps 4


24ft. x 8.5ft.


$164,999.00 USD / $129,999.00 CAD

The Helikon Tiny Home With Black SIding


A custom tiny home should have it all. Everything you desire, wrapped up in a package that suites your lifestyle, storage needs and function. We believe in giving the customer exactly what they want, without sacrifice. So dream away, shoot for the stars and lets get started designing your dream tiny house today!