Kitchen Island

 It all Starts with a plan

STEP 1 - Pick a Size

         34'                      30'                     28'                    24'                   20'

Starting at $129,999CAD    Starting at $119,999CAD    Starting at $109,999CAD    Starting at $99,999CAD   Starting at $89,999 CAD

STEP 2 - Pick a Trailer Style

Flat Deck - Included

Goose Neck (Adds 6ft. to Trailer Length) - $12,000

STEP 2 - Pick a Roof Line

Gable  With Dormer Loft

Shed Style

Gable  With Double Dormer Loft

STEP 3 - Pick Premium Options

Solar Power - Chatch some rays with our off grid package including solar generation to power your life

Rain Water Collection - Get wet with our rain water collection system, included in our off grid package

Composting Toilet - Get extreme versatility with our high end composting toilets. Odor free and ecologically friendly

Smart Home - Get geeky with smart enabled lighting, heating, security and sound systems

Custom Furniture - Get it right with unique and custom fit furniture for your tiny home

We don't just sell tiny homes, we sell freedom, a getaway, a cozy cabin, financial security and most importantly, a home. We handcraft all of our tiny homes in Vernon BC and we can start designing your dream home today. Take a look at our plans, options and designs and start the process by generating your own custom estimate with our estimate generator below so we can get a snap shot of what your dream home looks like.


STEP 4 - Generate Your Estimate

Use this FREE auto estimate generator to build your custom price, based on the features you desire. Do you want a full pricing breakdown created from your Wishlist? Tiny homes can be very detailed and extremely unique to your personal wants and needs so If you would like a full detailed breakdown with pricing on unique features and custom design details,  scroll down below the online estimate builder for details!


Ready to Take The Next Step?

Do you want a complete pricing breakdown, created from your unique wish list? Tiny homes can be very detailed and extremely personal to your wants and needs, so If you would like a full  breakdown of pricing on your unique features and custom design details,  we offer full custom, detailed estimates at a rate of $100.00. This gives us the opportunity to dive into your unique features/ elements and get full, detailed pricing from our suppliers and contractors for you. We want to provide you with as much knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your tiny house build. Let us build you the ultimate tiny house estimate for you! 

Lets get started on designing your dream tiny home today! All our designs are custom tailored to exceed your needs, wants and dreams, so stop dreaming and start living the tiny life.
Lets Go
Today is the day! The process is simple. Let us do the hard work, all you need to do is sit back, and enjoy the journey. Contact us to schedule a consultation on building the home of your dreams.
Each of our Tiny Homes comes delivered to your door step. Across town or across the province. We want your journey into tiny living to be simple, enjoyable and stress free. Let us bring home...your home!
Custom design, elegant finishes and quality workmanship goes into all of our builds. Every inch matters so check out our designs to see how our tiny homes can give you everything you want and need.