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Custom Tiny Home

Bringing you the highest level of customization and design flexibility. Summit presents our custom line of tiny homes, designed around your specific needs, wants and desires and custom tailored to your lifestyle. Lets work together to create something unique today. 

SOLAR POWER - Catch some rays with our off grid package, including solar generation to power your life.

CLIMATE CONTROL - Maximize efficiency and comfort with wifi controlled heating and cooling, in floor radiant heat and optimized ventilation systems.

ELEMENTS - Bring elements of natural wood species, earth inspired products and high end finishes into your custom home design.

SMART HOME - Get smart with smart enabled lighting, heating, security and sound systems.

CUSTOM FURNITURE - Get it right with unique and custom fit furniture for your tiny home. Custom couches, tables, storage and bespoke, one of a kind pieces, fit perfectly in your space. 

Tiny Home Bathroom
Tiny House Custom Kitchen

We only build the highest quality, luxury tiny homes and we feel you should get exactly that. All of our custom homes come with the highest level of finishes, custom selections and features that will you feeling right at home.

SIZE:     Fully Loaded  FROM:

20 ft. x 8.5 ft.            $148,999 CAD

24 ft. x 8.5 ft.            $161,499 CAD

28 ft. x 8.5ft.             $176,099 CAD

34 ft. x 8.5ft.             $194,999 CAD

36ft. +                      (Custom Pricing)

This pricing format gets you a high end build out, with a all the comforts. We believe in building only the best, so all of our homes now come standard with state of the art ventilation systems, the highest level of insulation value, high efficient heating and cooling, custom cabinetry throughout and fixture and finish options that will make your home look and feel the way a home a luxury home should. 


Let our team custom build a quote, just for you. If you would like to take the next step into your custom tiny home journey, we offer a custom quote option. With this service, you will get a full build sheet with a detailed breakdown of what is included in your custom project with specification, details and a price that is locked in to current pricing. This is the final step before locking in your custom project with our production schedule. This service, at a rate of $100.00, ensures our team can sit down and start building what is to be your dream tiny home. So let's get started today!

*Once your purchase is complete, you will be sent a link to our custom quote form for you to fill out and submit.

Tiny Home Custom Bathroom

Want to see more tiny homes? Check out our Gallery to see some of our past projects!

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