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You asked...we listened! We are proud to introducing the highest quality, most comprehensive and fully detailed tiny house plans of our most popular model, The Heritage. These plans will walk you through the most challenging aspects of tiny house construction, ensuring you can execute a safe, comfortable and stunning tiny home. Our tiny house plans are designed for various skill levels and we are confident that you will have the information and detail you need to build your dream tiny house.  We have split the plans into individual sections so you can purchase different stages of the plans to give you the ability to customize your tiny home, or go all in with the full Heritage plan package. Lets get started today and before you know it, you will have a Summit Heritage Model of your own!
Tiny House Plans
The Heritage 24'
The Heritage Tiny House
The Heritage Exterior
The Heritage Loft

*Photos may be slightly different then package plans

Framing Plan Package - $850.00 CAD    

This package is all you need to get you home to "Lock Up" Stage. This comprehensive package walks you through every stage of the initial aspects of your building building process. Continue on with purchasing our extension plan packages, or finish off the mechanical and finishing details the way you want. 

(NOTE: *All plans are final sale and are non refundable or non transferable.)


Approx. $650.00 USD

Calculated At Checkout


Approx. $650.00 USD

Calculated At Checkout


Approx. $650.00 USD

Calculated At Checkout

S  A  M  P  L  E

What's Included?


  • Full 30 page plan package

  • Detailed floor plan with layout

  • Exterior elevations (lock up stage)

  • Detailed wall framing layout plans of each wall section

  • Floor framing plans with 3D diagrams and details

  • Roof rafter plans with 3D diagrams and details 

  • Roof rafter templates 

  • Roof dormer plans with 3D diagrams and details 

  • Bay window plans with 3D diagrams and details

  • Roof/ wall/ floor sheathing 3D diagrams

  • Full cut lists of all framing packages 

  • Detailed materials lists

  • Full window/door package

  • Interior wall framing plan

  • Loft framing plan

  • Trailer fastener diagram

Mechanical Extension - $250.00 CAD    

This extension walks you through the mechanical aspects including plumbing drainage, water lines, gas system, ventilation and electrical schematic. This comprehensive package allows you to get exactly what you need for a functional, flawless mechanical system. Take the guess work out of your project and start planning today! 

(NOTE: *All plans are final sale and are non refundable or non transferable.)


Approx. $195.00 USD

Calculated At Checkout

S  A  M  P  L  E

What's Included?


  • Full 15 page extension package

  • Detailed plumbing drainage diagrams 

  • Detailed plumbing distribution diagrams

  • Mechanical layout drawings

  • Floor plan with full mechanical/ electrical layout 

  • Electrical panel schematic 

  • Gas (Propane) drawings and schematic

  • Ventilation details

Finishing Extension - $250.00 CAD    

This package has all you need to get you home finished! This package details some of the finishing stages of the building process. Finish off The Heritage look with the details you want, in a way that will make you look like a professional!


Approx. $195.00 USD

Calculated At Checkout

What's Included?


  • Full 19 page finishing plan package

  • Detailed kitchen cabinet drawings, cut lists, schematics

  • Exterior trim detail

  • Roofing schematic 

  • Stair cabinet drawings, cut lists, schematics

  • Bathroom vanity, cut lists, schematics

S  A  M  P  L  E

The Cabana 
Winter Kal Lake-2
Winter Kal Lake-21
Winter Kal Lake-24
Winter Kal Lake-25
Winter Kal Lake-9
Winter Kal Lake-16

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